Meet Our Crew

Walt Oesterreich

Walt Oesterreich started working in the logging industry in the early 1990s. He began running equipment in early 2002. Work has taken Walt all over the world, including two years spent as a contractor in Bagram, Afghanistan. After landing back … Continue reading “Walt Oesterreich”

Kylie Lasseter

Kylie Lasseter grew up around logging, construction, and farming. Before coming to work at Siegmund Excavation in July of 2018, Kylie worked for several other local companies companies. Kylie says he wanted to join the Siegmund team because it’s a … Continue reading “Kylie Lasseter”

Chad Storey

Chad Storey operated his own landscape business for 17 years before becoming the manager at Siegmund Landscape Supply last summer. During his years as a landscape contractor, Chad did landscape maintenance, installed irrigation systems, planted lawns, and designed custom walls…

Fred Getz

Fred Getz was recruited to Siegmund Excavation & Construction in 2016 when the company decided to venture back into logging. Fred began working in the woods when he was 14 years old, and officially started his first logging job at … Continue reading “Fred Getz”

Kyle Payne

2018 was an amazing year for Kyle Payne. It began with him starting a new job at Siegmund Excavation & Construction, and ended with the birth of his first child. Kyle worked for a drilling company for over 10 years, … Continue reading “Kyle Payne”

Dave Fery

Dave Fery has the distinction of being with Siegmund Excavation & Construction the longest, having been here since February of 1999. Dave says that starting when the company was small gave him the advantage of learning to run every new … Continue reading “Dave Fery”

Rick Thayer

Rick Thayer has been an essential part of the Siegmund Excavation team for 11 years. Prior to coming to Siegmund, Rick worked for a logging company. During his 19 years there, Rick wore a lot of different hats. He started … Continue reading “Rick Thayer”

Gibson Kuenzi

When Gibson Kuenzi joined the Siegmund Excavation team as a Project Manager/Estimator in October of 2016, he brought with him a wealth of knowledge, both in and out of the classroom. He spent 8+ years working for a local Heavy … Continue reading “Gibson Kuenzi”

Brandon Fetter

Brandon Fetter has been changing hard hats a lot lately at Siegmund. Brandon started working at Siegmund Landscape Supply as a delivery driver and laborer just over a year ago. Recently, he’s begun splitting his time between the landscape yard … Continue reading “Brandon Fetter”

Matt Pietrok

Matt Pietrok has been working for Siegmund Excavation for 5 ½ years. Matt’s first job in the construction industry was doing telephone cable maintenance for seven years. He left there to do pipeline work for a local construction company. After … Continue reading “Matt Pietrok”