Dave Fery

Dave Fery has the distinction of being with Siegmund Excavation & Construction the longest, having been here since February of 1999. Dave says that starting when the company was small gave him the advantage of learning to run every new piece of iron purchased. He feels very fortunate for all of the opportunities that the Siegmund family has given him over the past two decades.

Dave began working in the woods  right after graduating high school in 1996. He worked as a laborer, operating equipment every chance he got. In the winter, he would work in the shop. Dave figured out that to work year-round, he needed to really make himself valuable in the industry. So far, it’s worked!

Dave is a middle child, with three brothers and one sister. He was raised on a farm in Scio, where his mom and dad taught him the value of hard work and gave him the foundation for learning to problem solve and build things. Dave shared, “There were plenty of times growing up that I remember my dad being so angry because I would take things apart to see what made them tick, but didn’t yet have the knowledge to put them back together!”

Outside of his work at Siegmund, Dave is the owner of Snow Peak Cattle Company and he enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He looks forward to hunting trips with his brothers every year, whether it be shooting rats or hunting elk…even if it ends up just being a camping trip!