What We Do

Siegmund Excavation & Construction offers a wide variety of services to meet your needs, including forest road construction, general excavation, and much more...

New Road Construction

Our crews are experienced and equipped to tackle all types of road construction or re-construction projects. From the most difficult full-bench drill & shoot projects, to balanced construction and low-grade “logger spurs”, we will build a road to meet your needs.

Road Maintenance

Road grading, roadside brushing, spot rocking, gate repair, and culvert cleaning are just a few of the road maintenance tasks we perform annually.

Bridge Construction / Installation

Each year we complete the installation of new or replacement structures from 15’ to 110’ in length using wood, steel, or pre-cast concrete. These structures are installed on driven pile or drilled casing and designed with U-80 load ratings to last for many years with heavy off-highway loading.


Portable Crushing

If you need ¾” minus, 1 ½” minus, open drain rock or jaw run our portable crushing crew can produce it all. Our two MSHA compliant plants, including jaw and cone, support equipment, stackers, screens and an impact crusher operate across Oregon.

Quarry Development

We perform quarry development ahead of rock crushing operations. This includes timber removal, overburden removal, construction of haul roads, catch benches and stockpile locations. We assist customers in pre-development planning to insure maximum return on investment of development dollars.

Land Clearing

If you have vacant land that is overgrown and brushy, our crews perform clearing, grubbing, & grading services in order to return it to a usable state. Our customers include; christmas tree farms, grass seed farms, vineyards, timberland owners, and commercial or industrial site owners.

Roadside Brushing

With the unpopularity and ever-increasing restrictions on the application of herbicides, Siegmund's roadside brushing services are an ideal solution. We mechanically treat 300-400 miles of roads every year for vegetation control. Our operators use state of the art equipment that can meet contract specifications in one pass with one machine, eliminating the need for secondary treatment with backhoes, graders, or hand labor.

Full Service Logging

We perform contract logging and are capable of providing all services a customer may need including; inventory assessment, marketing, harvest, site preparation, and re-forestation. Our investment in state-of-the-art logging equipment allows our company to access tracts of timber in new and innovative ways. Our most recent acquisition has been a "steep-slope" harvester. This technology allows our operators to work on slopes that range from 50% to 100%, increasing productivity & safety.

Contract Cutting

Clear cut felling, select thinning, and road right-of-ways are also services we offer for our customers. This work is accomplished with company-owned equipment, including feller-bunchers and grapple-saws.


Dump Trucking

We have a large and diverse trucking fleet capable of moving any type of material including; truck & transfer, truck & pup trailer, truck & cross-row trailer, and side-dump trailer. Whether on or off road we can load, haul, and deliver material to your project in the most cost-effective manner.

Heavy Hauling

From 98,000 lbs. to 229,000 lbs. we are able to move your smallest Dozer to your largest crane or log-yarder. Call our office at 503-769-6280 for a quote to haul your machine to the next job.


Utilizing state of the art technology, we are able to provide a variety of surveying services, including: pre-construction topographical surveys, construction staking and post-construction surveying for as-built drawings. Projects include: site surveys for forestry and non-traditional applications, staking for residential/commercial projects and 3D modeling for determining excavation volumes, as well as many others.