David Gibbs

David Gibbs started working in the construction field right out of high school. Five years later, he moved to Alaska for a job in logging, staying there for about two years before returning to the construction field. In 2005, with a baby girl on the way, Dave decided to take a job driving truck for Kris Pickle Trucking, a move that would keep him closer to home. In 2009, the full-time single dad went to work for RDL NW, also driving log truck and operating equipment when needed. Dave joined the Siegmund Excavation & Construction team in 2018.

Dave’s parents were big outdoors people, so he was hunting, fishing and camping at a very young age. He also loved riding dirt bikes, 4-wheeling, water skiing, and all that fun stuff. Football and basketball were his sports throughout Jr High and High School. When he was old enough to drive, Dave worked summers haying to raise money to buy his uncle’s boat and his neighbor’s drift boat.

Dave says raising a 3-year old on his own and driving log truck was a tough balancing act, but he was fortunate to get a lot of help from family. These days his daughter, now 14, keeps him pretty busy and the pair love to hunt and fish together.